Plumping Gloss

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Description :

With this Kinze cosmetics plumping lip gloss we have pushed back all the limits and created
a plumping formula for the lips.
You will feel and see results instantly.

This advanced plumping formula instantly makes lips look more
plump, hydrated and nourished that lasts!

  • The instant tingling sensation proves the effect of maximum plumping technology.
  • Its ingredients guarantee that the lips are perfectly hydrated and nourished.
  • Lips look fuller and fuller.
  • The plumping effect is both immediate and long-lasting.


Effect :

  • Immediately: leaves a feeling of hydration on the lips.
  • In one week: leaves an impression of plumped lips.
  • In one week: leaves lips looking re-volumized.
  • In one Week: Leaves lips feeling softer and smoother over time.


Use :

To have a sexy mouth instantly, apply the gloss in the middle of the lower and upper lip then spread it towards the outside of the lips using an applicator.